WC decoration #1 v.English

Hello :))

 In this post I bring you a proposal of decorations plus organization to your bathroom. They’re cheap solutions to make this room a little bit more personal and cozy and more important better organized. 

1º- Everyday products (creams, perfumes, body and hair product,…):

  I have some products that I regularly and I need them to be easy to find so I opted for this box (very pretty and modern) and it has a very different style and I loved it. Inside it I put a little basket for the smaller products so it is easier to find. The box and the little basket were bought in a chinese store and costed 15.90€ e 2.50€, respectively.


2º- Make-Up:

I’ve been buying more and more make-up so the space became a little difficult to handle so I decided to separate what I wear from what I don’t anymore and I saw some organizing boxes from Quem Disse Berenice? and I thought they’re very cute and I’ve decided to separate them in 2parts”: the bigger one for face (sponges, foundation, primer, palettes,…). The second one – the medium size – for the eyes (pencil, mascara, eyeliners,…) and I’ve also putted the cottons discs there and my electronic cleanser from Primark. The third was the tiniest so I’ve putted there all my lipsticks (the product I love the most and that I have more).

  The 3 boxes come together and are not sold separately, it costed 12.90€.


3º- Accessories:

To keep my accessories, I wanted a pratical thing that I could see all the things I have so I decided to buy this acrilic box with two drawers in Primark, they’re transparent and spacious. 

  I putted there my earings, bracelets and necklaces that I used everyday and I bougthed some little boxes to kep the tiny necklaces so they don’t get messy. Other solution I opted to do was t o keep my earings in buttons, one boutton for each pair, easy, original and pratical idea.

  The acrilic boxes costed 10€ the little boxes were from a chinese store and costed  1.50€ each 4.


4º- Brushes:

  For those who don’t have many brushes they can keep the brushes in the other boxes next to the rest of the mak-up, but because I consider to have many brushes I decided to put them in a little cup, very stylish and modern. It makes it easier for me to grab the brushes and find them.

  I’ve boughted this in Zara Home for 15.99€.


5º- Decoration:

 To give a personal touch to this room and as one of my passions – make-up – is growing up, I spent more and more time in the bathroom so I decided to give it a little bling and turning the space cozier.

  I think it is a great idea, not only for the bathroom but for all the divisions of your house, a candle is a very good decoration and it makes a difference. 

  I boughted the candle house and 18 little candles in Loja do Gato Preto by 12.95€ and 2.50€, respectively.



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